What Sensor is Right for Me?

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Connection Type Wireless WiFi Wired
Sensor Type CC AA Industrial MoWi PoE•X
Sensor Housing
2.0" (50.8 mm) Width
0.875" (22.225 mm) Height
1.125" (28.575 mm) Depth
4.375" (111.125 mm) Width
2.470" (62.738 mm) Height
1.111" (28.219 mm) Depth
3.701" (94.0 mm) Width
2.316" (58.84 mm) Height
1.378" (35.0 mm) Depth
3.02" (76.708 mm) Width
2.1" (53.340 mm) Height
1.27" (32.258 mm) Depth
3.95" (100.41 mm) Width
4.15" (105.5 mm) Height
.80" (20.93 mm) Depth
Gateway Required? Yes Yes Yes No No
Range2 1200+ Feet
12+ Walls
1200+ Feet
12+ Walls
1200+ Feet
12+ Walls
Battery Required? Yes
Coin Cell (CR123)
Two AA's
1800mAH Industrial
Two AA's
Uses PoE or
Power Adapter
Battery Life3 Up to 2 Years Up to 10 Years Up to 5 Years Up to 2 Years N/A
Internet Required
for Data
No No No Yes Yes
Outdoor Use or
Wet Conditions?
No No Yes
IP65 Nema
Rated Housing
No No
Works with Other
Monnit Sensors
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

1Dimensions for standard housing sizes. For sensors in non-typical housings, please refer to their data sheets.
2Actual range may vary depending on environment.
3Battery life is determined by sensor reporting frequency and other variables.
4This is transmission from sensor to gateway. All gateways will need active connection for transmisson to iMonnit. Gateway transmission can be Ethernet or Cellular. Click here to browse gateways.

To view what sensors are compatible with the different versions of iMonnit, please view our Device and Software Compatibility page.

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To view what gateways are compatible with the different versions of iMonnit, please view our Gateway Comparison Page.


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