Remote Monitoring For Hospitality and Lodging Operations

Monnit systems will alert you if something is off at your property.

IoT Devices for Remote Monitoring Far from Home

Five Star Remote Monitoring

Check-in with Monnit

Is it hard to know the temperature in different rooms? Maybe worrying about a burst pipe keeps you up at night. Every hotel, lodge, resort, or vacation property has problems. Monnit offers the solution.

Monnit wireless sensors manage your hospitality business's most critical processes to make work-life a breeze from check-in to check-out.

If ventilation and early morning breakfast buffets are sources of concern, Monnit provides devices to ease that heavy burden. 80+ sensor types and automated data logging combine to deliver assistance managing corporate operating controls, policies, and service standards.

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Remote Monitoring for Business - How Monnit Works

How Monnit Sensors Work
Connecting You to Comfort

A Vacation from Anxiety and Concern

Remote Monitoring Solutions for Hoteliers

Everyone has different temperature preferences when it comes to comfort. Monnit provides a Wireless Temperature Sensor able to deliver updates on readings between -40°C (-40°F) and +125°C (+257°F). Proof that Monnit is the hassle-free way to manage all the rooms in your hospitality business.

wireless temperature sensor

If a burst pipe is a nightmare that keeps you up, Monnit has the perfect solution. A Water Rope Sensor detects water presence along the cable length. Water Detect Plus and the award-winning Water Puck can be placed anywhere water could collect. Monnit may not stop pipe bursts, but these water detection sensors can alert you the second there's an issue.

compact water detection plus sensor

A Wireless Motion Detection Sensor uses infrared technology to detect movement. The lack of picture and video ensures confidentiality is maintained. Monnit upholds privacy while offering another layer of security for your business.

PoE infrared motion sensor

Environment Protection Agency standards for optimum indoor humidity is between 30% and 50% rH. A Wireless Humidity sensor detects readings to sustain the perfect indoor environment. Guests will never complain about a room being too humid again with Monnit.

industrial humidity sensor

Is the door to a cleaning closet or laundry room continually left open? If you have restricted areas where guests should not be permitted, Monnit has the solution for you. Installing a Wireless Open/Close sensor will alert you if a door didn't latch correctly or if unauthorized access is detected. Don't be surprised by guests sneaking into a closed pool area late at night; use Monnit.

wireless open/closed sensor

With so many guests in one place, maintaining air quality is a challenge. A Wireless Air Quality PM Meter manages the presence of bacteria in the atmosphere. This is highly useful when it comes to managing airborne viruses and other harmful bacteria for guests.

indoor air quality sensor

Saving money on your energy bill might be top of your mind right now. If that's the case, a Wireless AC Current Meter could settle that concern. With 20 Amp, 150 Amp, 500 Amp options, this device can monitor any utility, big or small, in your hospitality business.

20 Amp AC Current Meter

The Wireless Button Press sensor is designed to deliver a time-stamped log when tasks that cannot be digitally tracked are performed. This is ideal for maintaining a record of when a room is cleaned, or restroom checks are done. Monnit also suggests using a Button Press sensor to test the signal for device placement, so you'll know where you have the strongest signal for all your sensors.

wireless button press sensor
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6 Ways Monnit Keeps Your Guests Coming Back
Getting Started is Easy!

Remote Monitoring is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Select the sensors for remote monitoring of your Hotel or Lodging Operation.
  2. Install. All Monnit sensors can be installed in as little as 15 minutes.
  3. Gain peace of mind knowing that your operation is now being monitored around the clock. You'll receive an instant alert anytime conditions fall below or exceed predefined thresholds.
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Award-winning technology and 15-minute setup mean adding powerful remote monitoring to your business is easy.

easy setup

Monnit's sensors can be set up within 15 minutes. An intuitive PC or smartphone interface simplifies sensor deployment.

exceptional wireless range

Get the freedom of up to 1,200+ ft. of wireless range thanks to the one of the most powerful sensor platforms.

80+ sensor types

With over 80 different sensor types (and counting), there is a monitoring solution for virtually any business.

award winning technology

Monnit’s technology has won several engineering and sensor awards that validate performance, quality, and innovation.

low power long life

Industry-exclusive power management gives Monnit sensors up to 10 years of battery life—more than any other brand!

global rf frequencies

Monnit sensors can be used globally as they support international frequencies (900, 940, 868, and 433 MHz). Monitor anywhere!


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